Update: It’s Almost Armageddon

AKA: I’m actually finishing a project, could this be a sign of the Apocalypse?

I’m kidding. But according to my spreadsheet, I’m on track to finish this manuscript in less than a month.


First rule of projects: ABC. Always Be Color-coding!

Finish! I will have have actually achieved the result I set out for an entire year ago. I know some people work on a book for ten years, and it’s their magnum opus, but I’m seventeen.

Ten years ago I was seven. I thought people grew new teeth every few years like sharks, and that Europe was a country North of France.

One year ago, I was sixteen. I thought my zine was going to take off. I was still drinking like a fish. I gardened like a fiend. I dabbled very seriously in several religions. I decided to forsake electric light for a few weeks, drunkenly kissed a friend at a party, and then I got really obsessed with Harry Styles.

I painted him.

Real teen stuff, OK? I swear I change interests every six seconds.

So I’ve been tearing through all the raucous whims of adolescence, and I’ve managed to stick with one project for an entire year. That’s a big deal to me; I’m happier than I can say.

always changing
(The glass is full of apple juice.)



Published by Ruby Walker

I'm a 21-year-old writer and artist. My first book, Advice I Ignored, is out now. It's an illustrated account of my experiences dropping out of high school and recovering from self-hatred and depression.

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