A book about teenagers' mental health, written by a teenager.

What do you do when angst crosses over into something more serious?

About Me

My Mission

Ruby Edit (10 of 34)My name is Ruby Walker, I’m eighteen, and I’m not depressed anymore. I get pretty tired of saying that, but I wrote and illustrated a book about it, so it’s kind of hard to avoid at this point. I write for professional over-thinkers and imperfect slobs like me. I like to brighten people’s days and bully my friends into respecting themselves more.

Yes– to my horror, I’ve turned from a local disaster into a mom friend.

I believe in making the world better through a combination of loving kindness and direct action.

What else do I believe? Here’s a lightning round. War: bad. Equality: good. Universal healthcare: good. Nature: good. Humanity: good. Classes (economic): bad. Classes (school): good. Art: good. Trust: good. Those walking stick bugs that look like sticks but they’re not, they’re little liars: Bad.

Just the Facts

I was born in Austin, Texas, but I grew up in Buda with my family: Mom, stepdad, two brothers, and entirely too many dogs. I’m what you’d call a functioning slob, but they love me anyway. I’m currently studying studio art and creative writing at Trinity University in San Antonio. My favorite book is Cutting for Stone, and my favorite album is Carrie and Lowell by Sufjan Stevens.


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