Quick update – Advice I Ignored is live on Amazon this week!

Rejoice! Advice I Ignored, my lovely baby child of a book (with 100 ink illustrations and it’s so good read it blah blah) will be LIVE on Amazon within 72 hours! The paperback is a gorgeous little tome, and I’m so proud of my work. Tell your friends to tell their friends. And most importantly,Continue reading “Quick update – Advice I Ignored is live on Amazon this week!”

The Five Demons You Must Vanquish to Actually Finish Something

Have you ever been three steps from completing something monumental, and then suddenly you’re more stressed than you were in the beginning? There is less work to do than ever, but the end seems at once far, far away and frighteningly close. In the murky depths of that coffee-fueled haze of stress and ambition, you must overcome five demons in order to finally see your work through…