I am taking commissions this summer. Slots are limited, so get in touch if you would like me to paint for you. As of today (May 27th), my schedule is full in June but I still have space in July and August. Just let me know the size and type of painting you are looking for, and if I seem like the right artist for the job, we can work together to bring your vision to life.

My specialty is bringing out little moments of expressive light and color in an ordinary scene. I love to paint portraits. I also love making paintings based on dreams. The only thing I would say as a limit is that I will not paint gore, and I am not yet confident in my ability to paint babies.

For smaller pieces, I like to paint on panels. Having a rigid support will help keep the painting from cracking and chipping over time. It’s also safer to ship flat than stretched canvas, and isn’t at so much risk of denting and punctures. If you really prefer canvas, just let me know.

For pieces so large that they would be unwieldy and heavy on panel, I like to paint on cotton canvas. That way the painting can be rolled up and shipped in a tube to prevent damage. Then you will have to find an art framer in your area to stretch it for you. (I could send the painting pre-stretched if you really want, but it will cost more to ship safely.)

All paintings will be varnished and handled with care.

Contact me about a commission:

How I Set Prices

My work is primarily priced by size, but I may charge a bit more if the commission requires a lot of time-consuming detail work. Shipping and material costs may vary slightly. These are some total estimates for example.

9 x 12 – $150

12 x 16 – $220

16 x 20 – $380

18 x 24 – $470

24 x 36 – $650